Professional Open Youth Work in times of Corona

The last few months have been a challenging time for the field of Professional Open Youth Work. Many countries in Europe have coped well with this situation. Many institutions and organisations have reacted immediately to COVID-19 and switched to digital youth work. Even if a low-threshold approach was difficult to establish and maintain, digital youth work has experienced an incredible boost. Professional Open Youth Work is a flexible field and answers quickly to challenges and change. It is there and remains accessible to young people. The exchange between youth workers was strengthened in different network meetings. New formats, tools, and platforms were researched and are being tried out. Much will be kept, and some of it will be discontinued. If you want to know more about how we have coped individually with this situation, look at the contact section and reach out to us. We will tell you how we made digital Professional Open Youth Work possible all over Europe.

POYWE responds to the Corona situation with the issue of the next LOGBOOK where many interesting articles will appear soon. Have a look at it and let us know what you think.

Karin, Pauline and Verena (POYWE board)