Professional open youth work and Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis and the (temporary) closing of youth centres let to the fact that youth work needed to adjust. Which it did quickly and in a good way. There was already some knowledge available because youth work was already discussing digital youth work before the crisis. Regular youth work is restarting at some places (mainly outreaching youth work).

Youth work still has to find a tight connection between the “new” online work and the al-ready existing ways of youth work.

For doing so the following things are important:

  • Basic values and methods, from offline youth work, should be implemented. Including how to create a non-formal pedagogic event online.
  • Informal learning / peer learning, co-creating, increasing self-esteem and giving young people more structure in their live, within what youth work has to offer.
  • Giving more attention to privacy issues and use this to decide on which applications youth work is going to use for working with young people.
  • Create quality information about the subject in a language(s) all young people can under-stand.
  • Research on what the impact of Covid-19 is on young people (and youth work) and what the needs are of young people for now and the nearby future.