Reflections on Expectations of youth work in Europe

JONG Rotterdam is planning to organise within the framework of POYWE activities a youth work seminar for youth workers and policy-makers, 23-25 February 2015  in Rotterdam. The maximum of participants is 50. An important item on the agenda will be the outcomes from the Big R project which took place in August 2014 in Croatia.

Since we are now working on a Erasmus+ project grant to partly finance this seminar, we are looking for partners. Only partners of the project will get travel cost reimbursed and  a lowered fee.

If your organisation would like to be a partner in this project please:

1. fill in the mandate form, sign it, scan it and send it by email
2. fill in page 6 and 7 of the “aanvraagformulier” and send it back by email (DON’T forget your PIC Number)
3. please tell us how many places of the 50 places which partly will be paid by Erasmus+ (more participants will be possibal if the pay the full fee and own travel cost) you would like to claim and your are able to fill (how many place you get depends on how many partners we will have).

Pleas let us know before Monday 22 September 12.00 hour if you want to be a partner and please send in the forms before Wednesday 24 17.00 hour.

All documents can be send to

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