First results: the view of young people and students

For the start of European Youth Week 2015 POYWE proudly presents the first results of the Strategic Partnership “Mapping professional open youth work”:

144 young people and youth work students in nine European Countries came together between January and March 2015 to discuss and give an inside in their wishes, needs and hopes when it comes to professional open youth work.

Young people expect a safe place to meet with friends, where they are taken serious and treated with respect. They wish to be enriched and challenged through new experiences and activities for growing as a person and learning a variety of skills – for that youth workers serve as role model, facilitator and confidant. Students are willing to match those expectations – supporting (young) people is among the main motives to study for becoming a youth worker.

„The youth club is safe, and I have never felt safe at home or at school“ said an 18 year old boy in the discussion group in Norway…

For reading the whole summary please download here: Mapping professional open youth work_summary youth students discussion