Impressions from the 2nd European Youth Work Convention

Last week POYWE attended the second European Youth Work Convention organised in the framework of the Belgian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in Brussels.

The Convention gathered about 500 stakeholders from all over Europe in order to:

  • Map and review the evolutions in youth work practice and policy since 2010;
  • Discuss challenges facing youth work at local, national and European level;
  • Find common ground within the diversity of youth work in order to foster recognition.

Ideas and recommendations coming out of the debate during the Convention were collected and formed the basis of results of the gathering – the Declaration, read here: The 2nd European Youth Work Declaration_FINAL

POYWE contributed the view point of professional open youth work during the Convention and collected some impressions concerning our field of work at the end of the event in our European Youth Work Convention Video – enjoy!