Providing Perspectives – Preventing Violence

Professional Open Youth Work as effective and valuable basis for preventing racism, radicalisation, extremisms and violence

Providing Perspectives – Preventing Violence is a two-year Strategic Partnership within the Erasmus+ program.

This partnership aims to demonstrate that professional open youth work has a good basis for playing a crucial role in supporting young people in their integration in the community and in their search for an identity – thus preventing radicalisation of all kinds.

The project will bring together good practice from various countries and analyse the needs and wishes of youth workers and youth work providers to create tools and training meassures for upscaling existing methods and providing new input where those do not exist yet.

Project Results will be:

  • Research Report on experiences, needs and ideas of youth workers in the field
  • A new curriculum of a basic training for youth workers based on experiences of the best practice, needs of partners and on the research and analysis done within this project
  • Recommendations on the implementation of projects tackling racism/extremisms and violence within professional open youth work for practitioners.
  • Recommendations of the specifc benefit of implementing such projects within the framework of professional open youth work for policy makers and stake holders.

Project Duration:
June 2017 – May 2019

Project Partners:
Stichting JONG/The Netherlands – coordinator
Beratungsstelle Extremismus, bOJA/Austria
Donau-Universität Krems/Austria
Udruga Zamisli/Croatia
Fachverband Jugendarbeit/Jugendsozialarbeit Brandenburg/Germany
Youth Work Europe/United Kingdom