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Basics & future
POYWE is a member based and bottom up organisation. The members pay a contribution which covers the basic costs of the organisation thus ensuring independence and a member led approach.

POYWE is an open organisation who does share knowledge with non members (e.g. by our internet site). It is involved in transnational projects within youth work with members and non members and working together with members and non members in projects POYWE is coordinating. That raises the question, of course, why you should be a member and pay a membership fee…..

Advantages of being a member

  • Having voting rights at the general assembly and have the opportunity to be a board member
  • co-decide on our European lobby for youth work
  • having priority as a participant and paying a smaller fee on POYWE activities
  • being a prefered partner within project applications
  • representing you country or region in the European arena

Membership fee
The amount of yearly fee  is based on the turnover of the member with a minimum of Euro 1.000,- and a maximum of Euro 4.000,- for full members. Affiliated members pay 50% of the full membership fee. The (potential) member doesn’t have to show his books. The system is based on trust. Those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to share their turnover, pay automatically the maximum.
Only full members have the right to vote and to be on the board.


Fee full member

Fee affiliated member

< € 200.000

€ 1.000

€ 500

€ 200.000 –
€ 300.000

€ 2.000

€ 1.000

€ 300.000 –
€ 400.000

€ 3.000

€ 1.500

> € 400.000

€ 4.000

€ 2.000

For more information or when you are interested to become a member, please send us an email.